Why Is Essay Writing the Least Favourite Assignment among Students

If a poll were to be conducted on what is the least favourite kind of coursework of a student, most of them would probably say essay writing. The reason is that writing an essay is a tedious process. It cannot be completed in a single sitting. Students have to set aside a good amount of time if they wish to produce an exceptionally written essay.

Below are just some of the reasons why students make a face when assigned the task of writing an essay:

The word count can be difficult to meet
One of the criteria of this type of coursework the students have to meet is the word count. The teacher will mention the word count that the students have to keep in mind as it will carry a weightage of marks. The range of the word count of the essay can go from 1000 to 3000, which most students find excruciating.

Students are required to research in great detail
No matter what the word count is, no essay can be written without doing proper research first. Once the topic is selected, you have to visit various websites, refer to different articles, and go through numerous reference books to collect the information you need for the essay.

At times, you will feel frustrated for not getting anywhere near the amount of data you require. What can we say except you will only have to dig deeper and put in more effort?

They have to come up with their topic
There are times when the teacher gives the students the liberty to select a topic for the essay. Although the students feel relieved to hear this, they soon realise this task is not as simple as they took it to be.

Once they sit down and try to think of possible topics to write their essay on while keeping the word count in mind, they realise their options are slim. Many a time, the student finds themselves changing the topic altogether because they understand the word count will be difficult to meet. All this adds up to the reasons why students dread the assignment of writing an essay.

It is a time-consuming coursework
Writing an essay is not the type of coursework students can start at the last moment. Many students, although aware of this fact, still do not feel motivated enough to start the work at an earlier stage. They have to force themselves to get moving only when they realise they don’t have more time to waste, and we all know the kind of work you produce when you sit down to do it at the last minute.

Drafting the essay
Even when you have collected all the material you need, you still have your work cut out for you. Now comes the writing part. This is where most students feel the dread and exasperation starting to arise.

The first part is the toughest. You have to think of a captivating opening statement to your essay that will act as a hook and draw the reader towards your essay. This alone can take many hours.

With so much work and effort that it entails, it’s no wonder why students dread being assigned such coursework! However, as boring and frustrating it is to get yourself to work on this assignment, it is a mandatory part of your syllabus that you have to fulfil.

Since this coursework carries a high weightage on your grade, you have to put in the effort to do the best you can. And if this work still makes you moan and groan, you can always have your trusted writing service handle this job on your behalf.
Posted on November 10th, 2020 at 04:27am


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