Thermal or Night Vision scope – which is better for you

It isn't easy to give an advantage to night vision or thermal scopes. It all depends on the goals and objectives that you set for yourself when buying an expensive device.

Night vision scopes, being image-enhancement technology, uses electronics and amplifies the amount of light in dark circumstances and uses this light to enable you to view in the dark. If there is no light, night vision will not generate an image, unlike thermal imaging.

This means that when using a night vision device, you must have certain conditions. For example, if there is a full moon in the sky, producing light, the image will be perfect. But, if the location is not illuminated, then the device becomes useless. And you either have to use artificial light sources or rely on your own eyes.

Also, keep in mind that night vision devices become quite limited when the weather is far from ideal. Fog, heavy rain, blizzard - all this makes it impossible to use the device.

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Posted on January 8th, 2023 at 02:54pm


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