Good Luck MacKenzie

You're all probably wondering, who is this MacKenzie? What's Skippy going on about? What's that big thing at the bottom of her profile?
Well I'm here now to tell you all about it.

MacKenzie is my two year old cousin who is now in Sydney trying to recover from cancer in her kidney. She's under the process of chemotherapy at the moment, which is shrinking the tumor so they can operate on her. They can't operate right now, as it's too big causing it to be dangerous ..
It all started when my Aunty found a lump on her back that gradually kept growing bigger and bigger, so she went to the doctors so they could take a look.
Because of the lump, MacKenzie can't lay on her back, otherwise it will press against her lungs causing her to stop breathing. She's also suffered from internal bleeding.
That's all I know for now, and I hope to hear more as soon as possible.
And I wish her all the best so ..

Good Luck MacKenzie.
Posted on August 6th, 2007 at 10:54am


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