What Is Netball?

A lot of people either don't know what netball is or don't know much about it, so I'm here to explain it.

Netball is a sport that is usually played by girls, but sometimes boys are allowed to play. It can be played indoor or outdoor, and requires two teams. Seven people from each team take the court every quarter. Each quarter usually goes for fifteen minutes, but it can be more or can be less, depending on which age division you play in.
The uniform is usually a skirt and shirt, but if you're a guy you'd most likely wear shorts. If you play in a higher level of netball, sometimes you may wear a bodysuit. Which is a one piece netball uniform.


That's a picture of a netball court, and where all the positions stand at the start of the game. Depending on what position you play, you're allowed in certain area's of the court. There are seven positions ..

Centre - This is the person that starts off with the ball at the start of the game or when someone scores a goal. Centre has the most space to move about in than any other player on the court. It's allowed to go everywhere on the court except for the goal circles. Centre attacks and defends.

Wing Defence - This is the person that defends the Wing Attack. It's allowed in two thirds of the court except for the goal circle.

Goal Defence - This is the person that stops the goals and defends the Goal Attack. It's allowed in the exact same places on the court as Wing Defence, except it's allowed in the goal circle.

Goal Keeper - This person tries to defend the Goal Shooter, and stop them from getting the goals in. The Goal Keeper is only allowed in one third of the court.

Goal Shooter - The person that shoots the goals. Only allowed in one third of the court.

Goal Attack - Also shoots. Kind of like the Goal Shooter's sidekick. This person is only allowed in the middle part of the court and the end where s/he shoots.

Wing Attack - This is the person that gets the ball down to the shooters. Allowed in the exact same place as Goal Attack except for the goal circle.

So now you know what it is and all the positions. What about the rules?

I'm not going to name every single, little rule, just the basics.

Before the game starts, you must take all jewellry out and make sure you're nails are short enough so you don't scratch anyone. If you have jewellry that absolutely has to stay on, you'll get it taped.
You're not allowed to step, or the other team gets the ball.
If you push or nudge another person, this is contact. If you done it, you'd have to stand beside a person in the opposing team while they throw/shoot it. It's also contact if you're trying to defend and you're not three feet (if you play in a younger division it could be shorter).
You're not allowed to go into wrong parts of the court, or you're offside and the other team takes the ball.
If the ball goes outside of the court, the team that didn't hit it out takes the ball from the outside of the court where it went out.
You can't bounce/dribble the ball like in basketball, you must throw it. Sometimes if you bounce it, it's called replay. Which is where the other team takes the ball where you bounced it.
Each time someone scores a goal, you get one point. Then take it back to the centre to start it off again.

If I missed anything, tell me. If you want to know more, ask.

Posted on August 25th, 2007 at 09:57am


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