My First Gig

Last night I went to a small gig in my town with my best friend.
There were three bands from around the region.

First Band.
This band is called Same Old Story.
They come from Newcastle, Australia.
They're alternative, and I personally think their music is great.
They played a song they wrote about emo's, it was funny.
"Cut your wrists and stretch your ears". Hahah.
No, it doesn't go to the tune of Ohio Is For Loves by Hawthorne Heights.
It's much different.
Then they played another song they wrote.
But before they did, the lead singer said something like this ..
"You know those songs on the radio, and everyone knows the words?
Well we wrote a song about that".
The song had lots of different parts from songs in it, such as,
"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard" and "Do do's and whoa oh's".
They handed out free shirts and CD's too, but I didn't get any.

Second Band.
I'm not sure what this band is called, but they were my favourite out of the three.
They played hardcore/screamo music.
And two of them had Norma Jean shirts on.
Then the lead singer took his shirt off, and he had a six pack. o_o Lmfao.
When they played, they all headbanged at the same time and I couldn't stop laughing. XD
I don't know what their MySpace is either, but I wish I did.
THEY PWNED THE STAGE, that is all.

Third Band.
Don't know the name, nor do I know their MySpace.
Two of the members were running late, and it took them a while to set up,
So I didn't really get time to see them as I had to go home.
But I heard a bit, and from that, I think they were alternative too.
Seeing as I didn't hear much, I don't have much to say about them.
Except for that they all had dreadlocks and looked like bums.
But they were good. Yeppp.

What did I do all that time?
I sat at the back on a squishy couch with my best friend.
We didn't know anyone there, and there weren't that many people.
Everyone else knew everyone else, so we were kinda isolated.
And everyone else was standing up, not really jumping or anything.
But I don't care, I had fun. (:
Posted on October 13th, 2007 at 05:51am


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