I like hearing myself talk.."So I made this blog for you!"

In today's society, most of the general population seems to have taken on a different behavior then people would have let's say, 25 years ago. The behavior? More of a selfish, and outspoken behavior. But, you're probably thinking, "What's this moron thinking, calling ME selfish? She doesn't know me, or know what my life is like!" Now, have you ever thought about what your reactions are like? I mean, if you read back again, you sort of come to realize that those thoughts are a little- self centered. Of course, they have the right to be..I mean, they're YOUR thoughts! But, have you noticed that everything you do in this world, whether it's to help people, or to completely ignore them, it's for your sake? Here's an example: There's a girl/boy who's fighting with your friend, you take it upon yourself to get in with the arguement to stand up for friend. You make a huge scene. I mean, noone messes with YOUR friends! Right? Or, we're you just doing that so people would think of you differently? Perhap's more tough? Or, an attempt to convince people that you ARE a great friend, so they couldn't judge you in the future? You don't bother trying to figure out what's going on, and why they're fighting in the first place, you just sieze the moment, because it's your oppertunity to show everyone what you've got. If you really think about it, that's just plain selfish. You're not really interested in why they're fighting at the moment, you just go on yelling and argueing like there's no tomorrow. You might add in some "You mess with my friend bitch, and you mess with me!" Sure, right. Or, you're friend has stomache cramps and is real bitchy, and you would do anything for her to stop complaining, so you "do as a friend would" and you buy her some medicine to stop the pain. But in the end, didn't you do that just so she would stop complaining, and quit bugging YOU? I guess it's all the meditating i've been doing. But I really feel like i've swallowed this new energy that's leading me in a different direction and different point of view on life and how I do things. But in reality, it doesn't matter if you play by the book or not. Selfishness should be a priority, better yet a better outlet on life. You're conscious tell's you too look out for yourself, and that you're the only one that matter's in your life. So, go lookout for yourself, and "lookout" for others too.
Posted on February 5th, 2007 at 07:35pm


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