A Collection of Slightly Useful Thingss I Noticed

Has anyone ever noticed that if someone says "You can't do this" they sort of just told everyone to do it? Teachers and other people should know that if you say "You can't do this" everyone else will say "Yes, I believe we can." The teachers who are supposed to teach us Math, English, and other crap always seem to teach us how stupid and narrow-minded people can be when they think they are special or some other sort of idiocy.

Now you may ask yourself... "Hmmm... what brought this on?" and I would tell you that when someone does something bad(or what someone else believes is bad) and they go and brag about it to someone else I sort of think "Why is that so great" and the answer is... the rules make it great to break themselves. Does anyone else understand that? I'll suppose so....

Another thing I noticed is how kids who get girlfriends(or boyfriends) say they are "Going out",and then they don't go anywhere!? What the hell?! Holding hands isn't going anywhere! Well, unless your high... then it might be. Mentally at least. So the question is... why go out with someone if your not going to go out?

A Couple More Pointless Things I've Noticed
1. 'Naomi' is 'I Moan' backwards
2. Dr. Sheffield made toothpaste... but why is the brand named after him making the most horrible toothpaste ever in existence?
Posted on December 29th, 2008 at 03:28am


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