My Resolutions II

It's currently New Years Eve, and I think it's time to look back on this blog that I wrote on the 3rd of January. I made resolutions for this year, and I'm going to make some for next year.
Let's see if I've made any changes since 2007...

Swear Less
Big improvement. I do still swear, but not as much as I used to. You know what really helps? When you replace 'fuck' with 'fug'. Fuggin' a-holes.

Get off the Computer and Exercise
Things haven't changed much since last year. I'm still online here almost 24/7. Although, sometime when the Olympics were on this year, I didn't come online very much. But instead of exercising myself, I was slobbing around watching other people exercise. Sad

Eat Healthier
I really don't know how I've been going with this one, but I do know that I've discovered a love for cucumber, cherries and salad wraps. And that I've almost stopped drinking fizzy drinks altogether. Is iced tea healthy? Shifty Maybe to make this work, I need to write down what I eat.

Be Nicer and Friendlier
Okay, so, in 2007, I was a shitty little girl who get angry with lots of people. This year, I have changed. I still get angry with people, but I've learnt to control myself, not to snap and to keep things to myself. I'm proud to say that in the year gone by, I've met lots of new people and made a heap of new friends.
Now let's see what my resolutions are for 2009...

I'm going to keep the whole exercise and healthy eating one. I think I can do a lot better. In winter, I play a lot of netball, but in summer, I slack off a fair bit. But I have a great idea! I should go to a gym a few times a week with some friends, and go on the treadmills, because they're always fun. And it's indoor, so, win win!

I'm in year nine next year, and then you have year ten after that, so I think I really need to start focusing on my education. This year, I'm not going to be lazy with my assignments. I'm going to give everything the best I've got, and hand everything in on time. I need to plan myself out. People often say that the work only really matters when you're in year 10, 11 and 12.. But I think if I start really caring about it now, I'll be prepared. I also need to stop worrying about silly things that keep on bringing me down, like boys. Family and friends is all I need to keep me happy. Sure, I'm still going to have a bit of fun, but I can't forget what's really important.

Be Less Shy
I love meeting new people, but when I do, I never say much. I'm a really shy girl. I don't know how I'm going to fix this one, but I'll try my best. I know I'm capable of talking a lot, so I must show it. o_o I should really stop caring about what people think of me, and to just be myself.

Posted on December 30th, 2008 at 10:19pm


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