Billie Joe and Adrienne Armstrong: A Lesson in Love

When I was thirteen, a young and impressionable little brat, I saw a man on MTV whose name I didn't know, but whose defined features and voice I was besotted with. You don't have to be a genius (or an idiot, haha) to guess that it was indeed Billie Joe Armstrong that stole my little adolescent heart.

He was and is my everything. I fantasized about meeting him, wooing him, kissing him, marrying him. It was a terrible, terrible case of the teenage crush. And I'll admit that sometimes, I do still indulge my silly little fantasies. Why? Because I'm seventeen and its my brain. I'll do what I want.

Yes, back to my narrative. Needless to say, it broke my fragile heart straight in two when I found that not only was he born nineteen years before I was, but he was also married. And had kids. The world lost its color. Food lost its taste.

Being thirteen years old and never having seen her, the first thing my jealous self grumbled was "I bet she's really ugly. Hmph." Au contraire, she is absolutely beautiful. She is. Adrienne Armstrong really is.

And then, shortly after, I found out how they fell in love. Do you know the story? Green Day in their crappy-ass van, went on a tour of the mid-west. They were playing in someone's basement when Billie Joe scanned the crowd to find an amazingly beautiful woman with long black dreadlocks. She went to him after the show, and under the excuse of trying to find a vinyl, gave him her number. Lucky lady, huh?

No more than a few years later, they were married and she was pregnant with their first child. Fifteen years later, they're still married and happy and in love. They hold hands and wear matching sweaters and shoes. Billie Joe wrote a song about his love for her and put it on Green Day's latest album.

Love conquers every time when two hearts come to collide.

The point of all this? Love. Lovelovelovelove. True love. Honest love. Forever love, the kind I'd like to find.

Both Adrienne and Billie Joe were involved with other people during their acquaintance. She was engaged. He was in a steady relationship with some really cool punk girl whose name I can't remember. Billie Joe lived in California. Adrienne lived in Minnesota. Miles and miles away from each other.

He wrote a song about their first kiss. And about how crazy she makes him (80). Years later, he still writes about her and sings "I'm giving all my love to you". These two people make me believe in love, in soulmates, in the fairytale that somewhere out there is someone who will love and care for me deeply and make me feel special.

There's just...a lot to learn from them. The existance of love. The fact that two people can stay married and care for each other. And...even finding love. It really seems like they were destined to be together, because even though they had significant others in their lives, somehow or the other, it all worked out to get them together. Billie's girlfriend moved to Ecuador. Adrienne broke up with her fiance.

It makes me believe in and wonder about destiny. There's someone out there for me. I just have to know where. The love of my life may be in like...Nevada or somewhere I've never been. Just like the love of Billie's life was in Minnesota, waiting for him.

Celebrity couples usually make us feel hopeless, irritated, confused. Not these two. Billie Joe and Adrienne Armstrong are forever. They comfort me. They reassure me. They make me believe in love and honesty and happiness. May they remain together and happy for the rest of their lives.
Posted on June 4th, 2009 at 08:00am


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