A Very Potter Musical

Okay so I'm going to keep this short but sweet because if you don't already know of it, you dont really deserve to and I don't have word right now and cannot spell check.

In April 2009 a group of students from the University of Michigan posted a group of videos showing their Harry Potter parody, A Very Potter musical. It went viral and is pretty much one of the most brilliant things to exist ever, fact. It's losely about all the books rolled into one, VERY losely, but mostly the events of the first, sorting hat, scarf of sexual preference, voldemort and quirrel sharing a head and a bed (SOMETHING THAT DEFINATELY WOULD HAVE BEEN AN ISSUE BEING ADDRESSED.) and the forth, as in, theres a triwizard tornament.

Something I love about this is, they played the characters for who they were, in their most childish way and really captured the characters MUCH better than the movies did, making cho chang full of herself, hermione NOT drop dead gorgeous... with the exception of Snape. As some of you may know, Alan Rickman is a hero of mine and a really brilliant Snape, J.K even thought of him while she was writing. In the musical however, Snape is a drunkard who kinda just runs around being a bit like eyeore, which seriously destroys the serious nature of the character, but at the same time, you cant help but love it, love him and love how far they've managed to go without making anyone TOO silly.

"Yes, I know, he marries Ginny, there is literally no way to move forward from this point."
Wrong Lucias Malfoy (Tyler Brunsman)! Then they produced something even better. A Very Potter Sequel. Basicly the plot is that after Harry defeats He who must not be named, Lucias gets a timeturner and goes back to harry's first year at hogwarts in order to nip him in the bud! This...genius. Especially Umbridge. I won't spoil it, but oh my gosh Umbridge.

It is fact that this is not only genius, but very clever career wise, as Darren Criss, who played harry and wrote half the the songs for the musical and all the songs for the sequel is now on Glee, some american show about kids that sing and are troubled but overcome it, or something. He now has a MASSIVE fan base and is basicly set for life. That is the amazing thing about Potter fans (bearing in mind that pretty much everyone likes harry potter, lets just say that potter fans here means people who have done more than read the books and watch the movies), we're nothing if not obsessive.

Due to the nature of the musical, they cant officially SELL their music so they do the next best thing and have all the songs from both (and many other starkid! productions), free here, but they do ask for a donation...which you can just ignore because lets face it, he's on glee, he doesn't need our money.

If you haven't already watched it, do. If it doesn't change your life, it will at least make you laugh for an hour or so <3

Posted on January 1st, 2011 at 10:09pm


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