Writing the next part of my life

Next week I will start my freshman year of college. I am excited and nervous at the same time.
This will be my first time away from my family. I won't be seeing my mom everyday now. It will be different not seeing my mom, dad, and sister after school each day. I will also be living in a dorm. I'm really excited about that.
Next week, I will be attending Wagner College in Staten Island. It is about an hour away from my home in New Jersey. One of my classmates will be there with me.
Besides not being with my family all the time, another thing I'm afraid of is the loads of work, and creating a schedule on my own. I'm super excited about the classes I'm taking though. They include graphic design, Italian literature, and business. I also need to know when I should study, exercise and eat.
I chose Wagner because it was located near New York City, and has a beautiful campus. I visited the school several times last year. After I got accepted in, I started planning for the upcoming year.
Anyway even though I'm nervous about living away for the first time, I really excited to study, meet new people and explore a new life. The next four years will be the best of my life.
Posted on August 17th, 2012 at 09:52am


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