Why threads get locked

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June 25th, 2006 at 01:07am
Reasons why a thread gets locked:

1. It is a duplicate – a similar thread already exists. In this case, a mod usually posts a link to the already existing thread.

2. It is not serious or informative enough to cause a discussion. Those types of entries should be made in the Blah Blah Section. Personal threads should be posted in the Personal Stuff Forum.

3. Spam – if there are too many spam posts in the thread, it will cause the thread to get locked. Usually, a mod or admin will make a warning when a thread is going off-topic, and then lock it if the spamming doesn’t stop.

4. For threads in the “Entertainment Forum”, “Artists” and “Other Websites” forums: not enough information on the topic (for example, no band site link, no description of the movie). To avoid this, please, follow the rules of making threads in those forums (Entertainment Forum Rules, Artists Forum rules, Other Websites Rules)

5. It is a post that could be made in another thread – topics with questions that could be asked in a “Q&A thread” or a link to a site or message board, which could be posted in one of the collective threads (such as a link to a MySpace, or a GD site) will also be locked. Please, check the General Q&A Thread and the Green Day Q&A Thread before you ask a question, and pay attention to the “Sticky” threads at the top of the list of topics in the forums.

6. It's a hate thread or a thread that encourages opposing one band/site/movie/etc against another. Hateful threads and comments are not allowed on the board.

7. It is a bumped thread that is no longer relevant. It's against Board Rules to bring back outdated threads when you have nothing important or interesting to say. Try to avoid bringing old topics back to life, unless you would like to discuss something related to the old thread and believe that your entry will be good enough to restart the discussion in the thread.