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October 8th, 2006 at 10:59pm

So far I have parts 1 - 5 finished and uploaded, but I work on it whenever I get the chance :3

Story Summary

Basically it is set back when the Green Day boys were about fifteen or sixteen, growing up like they did in Rodeo. However they also have two friends, Erin and Caitlyn, who are practically family to them. The five friends are just like any normal group of bored, angsty teenagers, and enjoy being themselves despite what the world tells kids their ages to be like. Hanging out, doing weed, and being morons is their specialty. Green Day has just recently had its name change, and had even more recently recieved its new drummer, the one and only Tre Cool. Best friends forever, of course Wink Read to find out what fun, mischeif, insane crazy-ass parties, misfortunes, shockers, and surprises happen in my story that I've fallen in love with :3

Anywho. ENJOY. Comments/complaints/suggestions for future parts/whatever are greatly appreciated Smile