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January 22nd, 2007 at 01:21am
I just bought a "Best Of" collection by these two the day before yesterday called "Like The Deserts Miss the Rain", and it's the only release I know of release together by Sire Records and Atlantic Records. Probably because they were on both of these labels, and the majority of the songs on it covers the albums that they did for those two. Anyway, this is a british duo consisting of vocalist Tracey Thorn and guitarist Ben Watt. They don't sound too bad, but I don't expect to really get really into them. I'd say they're probably best known for the 1995 (or was it 1994?) hit "Missing". The style of music they can vary from this sort of folk-pop music or something, to their dance music, which is probably what their more known for than the other genre(s) they play. No less than a day after I got "Like The Deserts Miss the Rain", I had purchased a vinyl LP copy of their 1986 album "Baby, The Stars Shine Bright". This pair doesn't sound too bad. But not everything they do is a keeper.