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April 2nd, 2007 at 07:01am
Okay ive got a few stories on Mibba which i have worked on the last few days, so can you guys please go and read them ill give you all the descriptions below: thanks


Mike is a seventeen year old boy and is confused with his sexuality, he admits it to bisexual buddy Billie who tried to convince Mike that its okay. But Mike's girlfriend finds out and tells all her friends which leaves Mike feeling insecure to that person that he likes.

2) "I told myself I won't miss you but I remember, what it feels like beside you!!!"

Tre goes downhill as his wife dies after miss carrying, which is halfway through the story but this is about what he thinks and feels.
He writes a song, better than me by hinder ( Fiction) and everyone feels sad at how Tre feels and then he tried to attempt suicide.

3) The New Teacher

Four years after Green Day have split up they all have their jobs and their lives. But their new lives are disrupted when Mike meets a young girl who's sister commited suicide to the break up the band which leaves Mike feeling guilty

4) Brotherly Love and Affairs

Adrienne and Billie Joe's marrige is turned upside down when Billie's older brother Alan decideds to stay with no thought of moving out. She turns to Mike who admitts that Billie does seem to be closer to Alan now than he was twenty seven years ago and is concerned because Alan seems to threatening towards Tre more than anyone.

Adrienne see's that their is a huge problem and asks Tre to babysit the kids while she goes shopping, but when she goes to pick up the kids there is a riot going on.
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April 2nd, 2007 at 12:00pm
Just to let you know you can edit your first post and ADD the new stories to your OLD thread which is HERE. You can also edit the title to reflect all your stories when you edit the first post.

That way all of your stories are in one post and easy to find Wink