Out of Tune: Discontent Producers - debut full length album released for free distribution! (CD/MP3/

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May 29th, 2007 at 11:41pm
Listen: http://www.out-of-tune.net/listen_dp

Download: http://www.out-of-tune.net/download_dp


After a year of intense DIY recording and mixing sessions finnish punk band Out of Tune has released it's debut full lenght "Discontent Producers" in CD and digital download formats. Previously compared to Propagandhi and NOFX, the band has widened it's musical range to include more classic blues licks and dissonating prog riffs while not compromising aggression and high speed of the music. An appropriate comparison might be something like halfway between RKL and Primus.

Lyrically the album is political as fuck. It's an attack on capitalism, conservativeness and good taste in general, and the attack is made with tongue firmly in cheeck and middle finger pointed. Ideas of social change, personal freedom and voluntary co-operation are meshed with bitter humor and seemingly contradictory philosophical statements.

To act on the ideals that the lyrics represent, the album is released with a Creative Commons license (http://www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0) , so it can be freely distributed and used in noncommercial ways. The dry multitrack files of the album are also available for downloading, so you can create your own remixes or sample parts of the album to be used in your own songs. If you like the album, you can support us through PayPal's donation system or order a physical copy for 9 € (11 $) postage paid world wide. We're also interested in trading copies with other DIY culture creators. Distros should get in touch for trades and wholesale prices.

We hope that releasing the album with a Creative Commons license will encourage others to use similar methods for distributing their music. The release of this album also saw the formation of Luova luokkasota - Creative Class War, a loose art/media collective dedicated to advance ideas of free distribution of critical, unconventional and avantgarde culture. (http://www.out-of-tune.net/ccw/index.php , unfortunately only in finnish at the moment)

homepage: http://www.out-of-tune.net

e-mail: notoriously(dot)out(dot)of(dot)tune(at)gmail(dot)com