Devendra Banhart

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June 15th, 2007 at 03:41pm
Okay, So here's what wikipedia has to say about him:
Devendra Banhart (born 30 May, 1981, in Houston, Texas) is a singer/songwriter in a scene that has been described as psych folk, Naturalismo, New Weird America, Indie folk, and freak folk, among other labels.
Banhart's first few records were released on the Young God Records label from New York City. His most recent album was released by XL Recordings. He is one of the most popular[citation needed] artists to come out of the new Folk Revival Movement, which includes performers such as Faun Fables, Animal Collective, Nick Castro, Jana Hunter and The Scribblers [1]. is also a sometimes-member of the group Vetiver.
Banhart is often compared[citation needed] to such disparate artists as Marc Bolan, Daniel Johnston, Joanna Newsom. His music tends to consist of fairly simple guitar melodies with minimal other instrumentation, and his lyrics are often surreal and naturalistic.
Banhart was 'discovered' by Michael Gira of Swans, who released his Oh Me Oh My... album on his own Young God Records label in 2002. In 2005, Banhart (along with Andy Cabic and Revolver USA) created the Gnomonsong record label.
His most recent tour of the United States saw him perform with his full band - currently known as Power Mineral - which included Andy Cabic, Otto Hauser (Currituck Co., Espers, Nick Castro), Kevin Barker (Currituck Co.), Noah Georgeson, Luckey Remington, Pete Newsom and others. The band claims to rechristen itself when a name comes to them, and has previously been known as Fried Hummingbird, Hairy Fairy Band, Hairy Fairy and First Woman Millionaire, Las Putas Locas, Stoner Boner, Bathhouse Of The Winds, amongst other names.
Banhart was "oral curator" for a compilation CD released by Bastet (an imprint of the alternative magazine Arthur) called The Golden Apples of the Sun. This CD served in many respects as the defining moment in the resurgence of psych-folk in the early 21st century, and solidified Banhart's role as a leading figure in this phenomenon and a tastemaker for this genre in its current state.[citation needed]
He currently resides in Los Angeles.
On Bert Jansch's 2006 release Black Swan Banhart features as a guest vocalist.
He is presently in the early stages of writing and recording his next album, due for release in mid-2007. According to Devendra's official Myspace page, the album is to be titled "Vasu deva kutumbam".

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You might recognise him from the Orange Adverts (the song, Little Yellow Spider). You can listen to that here Cool

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June 19th, 2007 at 04:57am
lol thats funni im sure they sound good