Hit By a bus

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July 14th, 2007 at 06:30am
Hey if any of you guys on here like alternative energy rock post here. If you dont know what it is than I'll give you an example
This is a band called hit by a bus I got this bio from thier site:
With the release of their new EP “Detonator” in 2006, perceptions of Hit By A Bus were changed forever. The songs were heavier, more intricate and more powerful. What was the motivation behind this metamorphosis? A number of things.

In 2005 the band changed lineups like Hollywood changes hairdos. By the end of the year the members of Hit By A Bus had solidified themselves into the powerful five member group they are today. Skreech, Nate, Josh, Joe and Gio have driven the music of Hit By A Bus to a whole new heart pounding level. In the months to follow, the band perfected a new set of songs, several of which would be hand-picked by Silvia Massy-Shivy of Radiostar Studios for the Detonator EP. An EP that would propel the band to all new heights.

With their refined sound providing a solid foundation, Hit By A Bus has found their niche. Appearing nationwide, in 2006 alone Hit By A Bus played festivals, tours, and took opening slots for household-name bands. They performed at SXSW, Milwaukee’s Summerfest, Tulsa’s DFest, and Albuquerque’s Hyperactive Festival as well as toured with Greyscale and shared the stage with Alien Ant Farm, Trapt, and Authority Zero. In just the first half of 2007, the band has opened for Flyleaf and Dropping Daylight and performed at SXSW, Hyperactive Festival as well as the San Diego Indie Music Festival.

Currently Hit By A Bus is gearing up for their highly anticipated nine state, forty-two stop West Coast tour kicking off in June of this year.

Hit By A Bus is:

Skreech vocals/guitar

Nate bass

Joe lead guitar/backing vocals (and my cousion)

Josh drums

Gio keyboard/vocals
By the way they are from Albuquerque NM and her is they're site and video