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July 16th, 2008 at 02:51pm
Welcome to the Tre Cool forum, where all of your Tre talk on the board can take place. Before you post in here, it would greatly be appreciated by the site administration if you could read through our simple guidelines first. Very Happy

The Single Most Important Rule: NO SPAM

Let me define Spam for you: Spam is anything like ..
+ "omg Tre is soooo hawt" or "billie is so sexy",
+ Making the same post or Posting the same pictures over and over again.
+ Blank quoting
+ A one or two word reply, or a reply that consists of only a smilie.
+ Anything not relating to the member the forum was designated for. Don't post pictures of Billie Joe in Tre's Family thread, for example.
+ Any off topic comments

Spamming will result in a temporary ban. Probably three days, depending on the magnitude of spamming.The only place I should see spam in in the talk threads, no exceptions.

In addition to the no spam rule, there are some other simple guidelines:
+ Photo threads are not allowed. You may post photos in a thread where they are relevant, but a thread for random pictures is messy and unorganized.
+ Topics must be meaningful. A thread about how sexy Mike Dirnt is doesn't cut it.
+ Check for duplicates before you make a thread.
+ No fighting, obviously. Like any forum on GSB, its important that everyone gets along.
+ Topics must include sufficient information. Try to give a little background on the subject of your thread

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