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August 31st, 2008 at 03:37pm
didn't see a topic about this
so..D.I. isn't like a famous band or anything, but they're quite popular among the punx and all... and they're good

here's some wikipedia:
D.I. (frequently written as xDxIx) is a Southern California punk band featuring ex-Adolescents and Social Distortion drummer Casey Royer on vocals. Royer formed the group after he and former Social Distortion original member Rikk Agnew, left the original Mike Ness crew.

D.I. was formed in 1982 and combined the Orange County punk sound with a decidedly gothic style on their debut self-titled EP. The EP featured five songs including "Richard Hung Himself" (originally written by Casey Royer while he played for the Adolescents, recorded it with the Adolescents to later re-record it in D.I. ).

Generally considered their best studio album, Horse Bites, Dog Cries is seen as a continuance of The Adolescents famed Blue Album, with fast punk guitar riffs and vocals that suggest the hopelessness of a punk in Orange County, like the Agnews and of course Casey Royer.

you can check 'em out on last.fm
and official web http://diunderground.com/