The Endless Time We Spent

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September 17th, 2010 at 07:31pm
I am from the old wooden Snakery tables
The glistening pool water and clearly a badger aside
Nightly meetings at the nurse’s office without silence
In log splintered cabins and sweaty summer days we reside

I am from crooked black mustaches
And ants crawling through scraggly beards
Sneaking out late tip toeing through the wet grass
Getting lost in the pitch black on the way there

I am from the Old Angelus Bell where we all meet
The faint whispers in Vespers are a mixture of voices and wind
Orange brittle chairs with smile complementing notes
And of course the way Lilah says totes

I am from seven day unlimited shenanigans
Enthusiastic songs for a mediocre musical number
Grape and Breezy’s maniacal laughter through the rafters
When Krista fights to slip into slumber

I am from a shot glass of calcium at Roberson
And a cuddly panda God
A bearded Siberian husky or
At 11:26 knowing where your children are

I am from Baptist Camp Lebanon
It’s week long chaos lingers in its charm
Of never ending music hysterical laughter and indelible friends
That in our imaginative minds will never come to an end
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March 24th, 2011 at 09:54pm
I liked it Smile lot better th =an me i'll tell you that