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October 12th, 2010 at 07:04pm
“I AM”
Raeanne Laudato

I am more than a child.
I am more than a teen.
I am a human being with feelings inside.
I am an artist in the making, a writer on the side.
I am an emotional person, but I don’t like to hide.
I am bruised and broken, stitched up and unspoken.
I am not just a girl, but a monster in hiding.

I am punk rock music in the middle of the night.
I am a pen and paper trying to write the chapters of my life.
I am a black and white picture fading in a red frame.
I am heartbreak and shame with a unique name.
I am scared and excited for the world, and what’s coming.
I am an Italian flag swaying in the downtown breeze.
I am blunt and honest with a hint of sarcasm.
I am your worst enemy, and your best friend.
I am someone who would rather be reading instead.
I am laughter joy, sadness, and fear.
I am comedy, drama, and a cartoon character.
I am studded belts and eyeliner with a fist full of anger.
I am someone who knows the pain of self-infliction, and someone who beat that addiction.

I am green day, the Beatles, the clash, the ramones.
I am curly hair with a black ribbon bow.
I am a vault full of secrets in a bank full of lies.
I am curled up in corner, trying not to cry.
I am screams full of anguish and pink ribbon scars.
I am a premature baby who just met the mark.
I am that who believes that gods in the sky.
I am the strength of a generation, one million strong.
I am friends with the lost, the heart for the hopeless.
I am more than a blank canvas and a novel not finished.
I am my father’s strength, and my mother’s loud voice.
I am a midnight walk under the pale moonlight.
I am vampire novels and bloody horror films.
I am converse and flats with a red and white fender.
I am in love with a boy, no doubt about that.

I am a rule breaker and rebel when my common sense runs dry.
I am a thunderstorm raging on a hot summer night.
I am deep brown eyes filled with confusion and trust.
I am a skeleton key that opens the door.
I am myself, so don’t expect anything more.
I am music notes, and guitar chords with an industrial bar.
I am not a backstabber though the rumors disagree.
I am not a smirk on the face of conformism.
I am sometimes a fake smile on a painted black veil.
I am faded skinny jeans with a script in my hand and a character in mind when the curtains rise.
I am Raeanne grace Laudato.
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October 14th, 2010 at 09:23pm
i enjoyed this but instead of I am in every line i think itd be better every few lines.
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March 24th, 2011 at 02:23am
Amazing, and after reading that I see that your amazing.