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January 14th, 2011 at 10:07pm
When You Broke Me I Changed:
The days drag along, the duration too great.
The minutes passing like hours in a world without common sense.
But I've changed since then, when my heart stopped beating.
My mind hardened and pinned up strong walls of brick around my never escaping memories.
I learned how to express myself through a strong sense of rebellion and individuality.
Bonding with bandannas in my back pocket, and piercing a stud through my nose.
Making me all the more different where I stand today.
Although my appearance has grown boldly, my mind has also developed new ideas.
Finding hope in chaos yet meaning lying in strong lyrics.
I stretch farther away from average in this town of dead dreams.
My head has grown in strength, bravery, and will never stop its aggression or stubbornness.
Another year older in time, starting new seasons and learning new things.
Excelling at my best, but still lingering on things that need to be fixed.
Riding solo in this place is the best way to be, especially when you're nasty like me.
Your jealousy is uplifted even though now we have drifted apart.
Farthest apart we've been since before we met.
I have long since given up on the games, toys, and boys this town brings.
Now that I've seen, heard, and found new favorite things, but still in the end saw so many fail.
Not able to avoid their problems without disaster and pain, and forced to face it head on.
Not able to beat around that thorny bush.
Out of all the circumstances, there is one unchanged; all leading to one last thing.
Like a footprint in the sand that just wouldn't wash away, I see that in my heart you still stay.
No time for goodbyes because there is no way to learn.
Hearts are funny things, you must handle with care.
When they brake it's like shattering glass, picking up the pieces is nearly impossible.
Putting it back together perfectly is.

Ending into Oblivion:
Is beauty defined by the clothes you wear, or the eyes you hold? Or is it held deeper inside us all? I've wondered by myself, my whole life. Because no one can answer it for you, except for yourself. Some literally live to be beautiful, others to be ugly. All with the drive to impress those around them in some form. We all live life for a purpose, finding it is what we search for our whole lives. We yearn and desire, but wait for our futures to come to us. Soon we'll find that we must act or be swallowed whole by the shadows of darkness. The ever consuming dark abyss of wonder that is death, lurks at the end of all our roads. No one should watch their life under a magnifying glass because mistakes make life mysterious and wonderful. Mistakes make our lives. We aren't allowed to forget them because we act in memories. The ones from the past, and those being gathered now right beneath our noses. Doors close and open, hearts shatter and break, and minds learn and remember. Yet in the end there is a sad, and strangely masochistic truth. We all die. Together or alone, but always. Our simple lives fade into oblivion and are long since forgotten when the anguish disappears. The world goes on without a single thought. Leaving us all behind with a snap of God's fingers. That's when we're really gone. We slip from Earth's fingertips, leaving it all and slipping away into nothing. In the end, was life precious or just a waste? ...But then again who's the judge of that? I wish you luck finding one.