Movie: Arizona Dream

wild at heart
wild at heart
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March 18th, 2011 at 04:04pm

a.k.a The most amazing movie ever.
With Johnny Depp and Vincent Gallo, Lili Taylor, Faye Dunaway.
I think it's a masterpiece, the story and the development of the characters is rather strange but interesting at the same time. In many of Kusturica's films, the characters are quite complex and are guided through they own life story by weird supernatural elements. In Axel's case the halibut fish, present in his recurring surreal eskimo dream which defines his personality, his dreams and ideals throughout the movie. The story is also quite surreal and it overflows with subtle black humour and strange philosophical concepts, through which the characters define their identity.
It ends with the tragic event of Grace's death, which completes the series of events and moreover leads the story in a different direction by giving it a more profound meaning. After this, Axel's ideals seem to fade away into emptiness, he gives in and the movie ends as he falls asleep in one of the cars form his uncle's dealership, returning to his wild Eskimo dream as he sleighs along the icy lands of Alaska.

I'm not so good at writing, but this is how I feel about the movie, the plot line is quite interesting and eventfull as well. The music is awesome and it includes Iggy Pop and serbian artist Goran Bregovic. 'In the deathcar' is pretty good.

So... has anyone seen it? Opinions?