Living Nightmare

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April 28th, 2011 at 06:58pm
Sorry if theres any misspelled words,akso you have been warned a second time,It may be a bit dark,tell me what you think,and yes I realize it doesn't rhyme that much

Got the announcement for it early this morning,
A vicious Tornado was approaching upon my Pennsylvaina City
Sneaking like some immortal creature ready to kill,it's human prey
My heart felt as if it would start pounding so hard,it may bleed
I started getting scared,
Very Scared
This wasn't a weather drill,
It was all too real,
The Fear was all too real
The horror was real
Went out in the hallway and waited,Waited for the torando warning to pass
I was scared,I was worried
Worried for my family
Were they all alright?
I sat there in the hall,worrying about so much
I glance down,at my wirst
And there,on my yellow silcon bracelet,read the word Courage
It helped me a bit,but not much
After about 20 minutes,it ended,I was relieved
However that was only round one
Round two was just about to begin
It was math class,Mr.D,got the call
The nightmare wasn't over
Not over at all,it was only beginning
Had to walk through the pouring rain
Coming down like a roaring water fall crashing over everyone's head
On we walked through the hallway,my heart starting up again
There we sat,and began waiting all over again
It was as if demons were around
Worrying me almost too much
There I sat through this living nightmare
I glance back down at my wrist again still there,looking up at me
The word courage
I felt a bit of relief for the second time
Throughout the wait,I glanced at it,numerous times
Hoping everything,would be ok
I almost knew it would
The nightmare,like a tradegedy in a play
Slowly coming to a close
After 40-50 minutes
It was over
It ended
The Nightmare had finally ended.