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February 2nd, 2007 at 01:28am
ah myth war ...hehe i started playing this wonderful game.. in june 2006 at fist i just want to know how to play this game and i make a character named chixilog in the game.... this character is my new buddy in this game about stategies and game tactics..hehe and im just a noob there playing like im the highest level in the game every level i make and every maps , monster i battle i am exited to discover this world and the most wonderful thing in this game is the pets.... i have a TD at first and train it with pure stamina because i have no friend before int his game and i dont know either how to use the world chat or the chat world #86 but when i reach lvl 50 to claim my III and IV ..........there i meet the great players in myth war......hehe there was halimaw and kandule my buddies and silvermetal and oh the guildmaster of elements and comander help me to.....hehe and thats the time i buy new pets for the game.....but i always want a HB or any pets with enhance skill because i like combo with my character... ah ohh till here bye..

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