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February 16th, 2007 at 08:28pm
The group comprised singers Trevor Guthrie and David Bowman, along with keyboard player Ken Lewko, and more recently, guitarist James Reid, bass player Tino Zolfo and drummer Terepai Richmond. Although they got their start in the days of the boy band and while they share the good looks and female fan base of boy bands, they wrote their own songs and played their own instruments, and had more control over their career than most boy bands had.

The group formed in Vancouver, British Columbia, in the mid-1990s. Known firstly as Indecision, they released a couple of moderately successful singles before finally landing a record deal with Universal Music. The result was a name change and the album No One Does It Better, released in 2000. That album produced the hit singles "Faded", which hit #22 in the U.S., and "Ooh It's Kinda Crazy", which was at one time the number one request on MTV's Total Request Live.

The single was a mix of R&B and late 90s pop with an added rap verse. The song was mainly about sex and drinking. Even with this subject matter "Faded" became soulDecision's biggest hit. Main vocalist Trevor Guthrie however disliked the video. He said the video didn't really give fans a good idea what the band was about. But the video became a hit on MTV and MuchMusic. No One Does It Better, which blended pop with some elements of R&B and dance, sold over 750,000 copies, one million worldwide. In 2004, David Bowman decided to part ways with soulDecision and start his own band Seven Lies. He felt that "personalities" have changed due to their fame. soulDecision added Reid, Zolfo and Richmond to bring their trio to a more inclusive band of five.

On October 26, 2004 soulDecision released their second album Shady Satin Drug. They have had two singles, "Cadillac Dress" and "Kiss the Walls", which have achieved major radio airplay in Canada. The last single released from the album was "Hypnotize". The album however only sold 10,000 copies, and was far from the fame of their debut album. After a small tour Trevor Guthrie announced that soulDecision was no more and Trevor was becoming a solo artist. Shady Satin Drug cost 5.4 to produce and promote, and since it didn't become comercial, it bankrupt the label Sextant. However nothing has been released from Guthrie. In 2007, MCA will release the album "Faded: The Best of soulDecision" which will have tracks from No One Does It Better and Shady Satin Drug. The Lead single is entitled "Suckey Love Song"


I love/d them. I lost my concert virginity to them.

Anyone else like them?
christie road
christie road
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February 24th, 2007 at 10:55pm
Surprised ya i remeber them

i loved there song but i dont remeber what it was omgno

But i loved them OMGyes