Ungdomshuset (the youth house) in Denmark - the current events

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March 3rd, 2007 at 08:02pm
March 1st, 7 am a police chopper landed on the ceiling of Ungdomshuset to clear out the people who were there and everything else, too. The house was covered in foam to prevent the usage of molotov coctails. Massive riots emerge, an estimate of over two thousand people are out in the treets, building barricades, lighting fires, throwing rocks or simply being there, all kinds of protests and protestants are out there. The police uses tear gas to fend off, armoured vehicles borrowed from a neigbouring country, they increase the security on the borders, and later on raid several apartments and the like to remove protestants from other countries. Because there are large amounts of people from other countries, yes. People from all the surrounding countries are coming to help their friends defend what they believe in. So far, nearly 600 people have been arrested, three have been sent to the hospital. One of them with a nearly cracked skull, caused by a policeman holdig him down and hitting him in the back of the head. What causes all of this? In 2001, the tough house was sold to a christian cult by the politicians. The house was given to the youth as a gift, even though legally the municipality of Copenhagen still owned the building. Even before that, the building had been used by various groups of people, going back to the late 1800's, when it was called 'the peoples house'. From 1982 to March 1st this year it was in use by the youth of copenhagen, arranging concerts and meetings, a community kitchen and garden and generally being a place people could meet up. An estimate of 10,000 people visit the house every year.

It took 6 years before the police cleared out the building. The cult who bought are planing to tear it down and build something new. Back in 1976, the estimated value of the building had been 700,000DKK. It is, of course worth more today, but inflation can only do so much. in December, the cult was offered 13 million for the house by a foundation created to preserve the building, and REFUSED.

I think that the house shouldn't have been sold to the cult in the first place. The fact that they refused the ridicolously large offer shows, in my eyes that they did not want to settle things 'the easy way'. 13 million could easily have bought them a house that it wouldn't be such a loss for the community to remove. The youth house did not receive any support from the government or municipality of Copenhagen, and was run excusively by people who did it for free, by the users of the house. Now, the municipality of Copenhagen and the state will have to provide such things as the youth house did for free to the youth of copenhagen themselves, which will cost them quite a lot. To me, this is not a good example of how things should be done. It seems to me like the only reason they really had to clear the house out was that they were not allowed to run the house and make any desicions - because both were taken care of by the users of the house, as a group.

I think I have stated plenty of my opinions here, so enjoy - pick them apart or agree, what's YOUR opinion?