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December 2nd, 2007 at 09:08pm
lmfao Awww I saw them yesterday and they were awesome. tehe

Before they went on then I spoke to Andy and Eidur. lmfao Eidur was hilarious and just legendary.

Poor old Adam's on crutches because he's "fucked up the ligments" in his knee. lmfao So he was either playing sitting down on a chair or jumping around with a crutch. lmfao

Hello Goodbye, It Came To This and Homeland Obscurity were my favourites live because they always are. tehe

And then I bought the hot pants saying "Fannydangle" on them. lmfao I love them. tehe

Awesome night overall.

Oh and the support bands:

Hypo Psycho - absolutely fantastic, highly recommend them.
Chase Long Beach - pretty shit.
Four Forty Nine/Lost For Words - completely shit.