Forbidden Love...Has it ever been so sweet?

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August 17th, 2010 at 11:36am
I want you to hurt no longer
For I love you so
Know that this is true
And I will always be there for you
Forever Lingering in your sweet head
There is nothing wrong with you my love
This is the way we are meant to be
Triumphant on our life path
Even though the rest of the world
May not see it but they are wrong
I still dream for a better day
Where we can be together
You are such a pure soul
You may not know but I do
You are making your brothers
A childhood like you never had
Because they know you love them unconditionally
I find you amazing in my eyes
I know that you are in fact a beautiful person
I don't love you because you are perfect
For no one is or ever will be
No I love you
For all your imperfection
For the way we completely confide in each other
For the way you doubt yourself
When you don't know what to do
I just want you to know
That you are my endlessly
And for you I'll always wait
You're the only one who's endlessly I want to be
I cry for you because I love you
I sing for you because I know I'm not perfect
But it is for you I would do ANYTHING for
Why? Simply Because I Love You
So you fight for your family
And I'll always be fighting for you
Because our lives are worth living