A poem. =P

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November 27th, 2010 at 02:42pm
His broken wings are laying across the bed,

So pristine and imperfect,

But he only see's the lie,

The cracks and scars of his surface,

He doesnt see the true beauty,

Of everything inside,

He's utterly clueless but incredibly wise,

An unforsaken angel,

Blessed with sinners eyes,

He see's the world with no light,

Dark and glumy,

Alone and forgotten,

He asks himself whats the point in living,

but would never want to die,

He just needs to find some reason,

To carry on his tortured life,

His scars glimmer like little stars in the night,

But not even the sky could hold a candle to what he is,

Not even in the darkest of nights,

The destruction of his smile

Could sentence this whole town to it's demise,

He hides from his reflection,

He's a martyr with no intentions,

He believes in what he see's,

for only he see's it for how it is,

He's cursed but angelic,

And I dont know if he'll survive,

He takes a drag of his cigarette then walks alone through the night,

He'll spend his life in the darkness,

hiding from the sky.