Vengeance Of the Wronged

Doc Huckleberry
Doc Huckleberry
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September 30th, 2011 at 12:05pm
As I look into the bright sky
I see the one controlling my reason
I try to get out of it's way
But it claims I have a lust for treason

I fight to save my enemy
But he tells me I'm to get far away
Still I will never let him die
Not If there is a word for me to say

He fights me as I try to help
And yet I try to save his worthless life
We both know that this goes to show
He and I both live in this fearful strife

The darkness of the clouds above
The hatred that we both hide behind each
Cloud of the bastards greatest friend
Our hands outstretched to what we cannot reach

Then I realize that I am
No longer bound by the rules of this land
I turn and face my enemy
And I decide not to give him a hand

When this realization strikes
My enemy starts to scream for my aid
But I have enough of him
It is in his grave that he will be laid.