Billie Joe Armstrong's Seemingly Fitted Black Shirts (And the ties that go with.) ?

Jesse James
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Jesse James
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March 14th, 2014 at 09:18pm
Hey guys. First off, I'm new here. I've been reading around a lot, and there is no doubt in my mind that this horse has already been beaten to death. (Regarding Billie Joe's attire.) Unfortunately, I could never find definite answers to my questions.

Specifically, I'm trying to hunt down one of those fitted black dress shirts he always wore with his red tie. I like this look a lot, and I have like four ties ready as soon as I can figure this out. I have purchased a couple shirts online just to test them, and I wasn't entirely satisfied. Coming from a 19 year old who has a similar body type to Billie Joe, it is not easy to find this stuff. He obviously has a very interesting taste in clothing that all of us like.

The jeans were a different story... For now, I've settled with Levi's 510 fit. Right now, I want to get this shirt thing figured out. I'm hoping to get some help from some stylistic geniuses on this forum.

Thanks everyone.