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If you want it. Just ask for it!!
Tom wants me to get one, i dont know. w/e



Why do you want to belike everyone else?

I don't!
I want to beunique.
NOT a grey blob like the others want to be.
Be yourself.
Well, if I'm not going to be myself, who is?
Who cares if your unpopular!?
I know I dont!
Being lame like me is so much more fun.



About Me:

Bands I Like:
- The All- American Rejects
- Angels & Airwaves
- The Aquabats
- Blink-182
- Cheap Trick
- Goldfinger
- Good Charlotte
- Green Day
- Jimi Hendrix
- Jimmy Eat World
- Less Then Jake
- NoFX
- Operation Ivy
- Patent Pending
- +44
- Reel Big Fish
- Simple Plan
- Streetlight Manifesto
- Sum 41
- They Might be Giants
- Underoath

I love:
I love the colour blue
I love my guitar(you know what I mean)
I love my friends
I love guys (no duh)
I love Music
I love when guys tell me the truth
I love when guys act themselves
I love to meet new people!!!!

I hate:

I hate Guys who lie
I hate Posers
I hate Preps
I hate Punk Guys who's girlfriends are preps.
I hate when people talk about me behind my back. (so if you have anything to say, say it to my face. Or just tell me)
I hate Tattle tails
I hate it when people tell secrets to other people
I hate it when guys pretent to be something thet they're not just to get noticed.

Good side:
I can be very crazy and hyper most of the time
I don't get mad easly
I can be very loud and very quiet
I can love like a true lover
I don't lie very often but you can tell if I am.
I stay in quiet places alone. (or with my only love)

I don't go with the in crowd
I am very understanding
I am me

Bad side:

I can be mean if you really get me pissed off
I can make fun of people, only if they make fun of me or my friends.
I am very defensive with my friends, even if I just met them
I like to bring out my dark side every once and a while.
My heart belongs to someone
I have a girly side but it comes out once a month
I can spill out everything in my heart
and........there's more but i'll do it later.


^ My Guitar!

^ She gets on my nerves!. She doesn't know what she's talking about! Leave Billie Joe alone!


Yo What Up Dude? We rock every punk there is! Patent Pending owns us dog!
HEP TO THE MAXX! No pops are gonna step in our path girl......
We have known eachother since we were 5! ^.^
From Start to Finish! You are the easiest to talk to out of everyone yo!
I saved you from getting into trouble.. but weres still known for it! You Got It Dude!
Rock every ass on earth! lol
cause thats what we do! >.<

Mr. Perfection:
He is GOD! deal with it! If you don't like it......shut up.tough.
One of the Hottest people on earth YO!
He's the coolest dude ever!
He has awsome hair!
Koolio! ^.^

DUDE! Love you like a brother.
You have tought me so many things.
You Kick Ass brother! ^.^
Good Luck with your band!
Ask Kirsten out soon dog, I bet she'll say yes!
^ And guess what Tom?
She did say yes!
Just don't Fuck Up Dude!

DUDE! *points then runs away*
I know it's your word but I said it first! HA!
You like Him! >>>>> Joe<3
Lindsey will get over the fact then she hates you
Oh and I'l teach you how to skank one day!
Suicide is not the'll pass over girl.
Take it step by step!
Did you make the next chapter in your story yet?
And chillax to the max!

Hey wazzup dude?
Thanx so muchos for all the help you have given me.
I really appreciate it!
I love you hair!!!!!........and he's also hot.
if you differ,
I don't care cause i think he's hot
And I hope you get ungrounded.
What did you do anyway? o.o
Killa Blue!>.<
You're a cool guy to talk to ^.^

Kate, I know that your mad at me right now.
But I think that when friends are mad at eachother.
The bond breaks.
Is that whet you want? Be that way.
I thiunk that just cause I said my opinion on a type of shoe
and that you dissagree is
stupid for friends to get mad over!
I an still yout best friend, but you need to wake up girl!

Christine & Benji :
OMG you guys!!
Thank you for all the help you have given me!
It really helped me get through stuff at school.
I really appreciate it!
Thanks you guys! <3

You are so cool!
I can talk to you and not care what I say cause you will understand it!
Your cool to talk to and you help me with my problems,
and I think thats what make a real friend a friend.
Thaks for everything!

92% of teens move on to rap music.
If you're part of the 8% that rock out every day,
you are a true rocker!!



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