Where did all the happiness go?

Recently, I've just been hearing more and more about people breaking up, being depressed, hating all their friends, and just sad things in general. It makes me wonder, since when did all the good things vanish from peoples' lives? Maybe I'm just being naive when I'm saying this because I've never had a boyfriend or whatever, but it seems like relationships and things like that have been dragging people down. My friend has been going through boyfriend problems, and she's starting to do things I never would've imagined them doing, like skipping school (she had all As/A-s for as long as I've known her).

I've sort of been seeing the same thing on GSB - people will talk about problems in their life (which isn't a bad thing, I know that it can be nice to have someone to talk/rant to) but some people rarely ever talk about happy things anymore. The world isn't perfect, I know that because my life hasn't exactly been a fairytale either, but just focusing on what's wrong can drag people down even further. Think about what good things you have in your life, and sometimes it can help.

(....That last line sounded really cheesy. I think I'm morphing into my mom...)

Sometimes I wonder if being depressed is the new cool thing to do, 'cause it seems like a bunch people in my school are trying out the 'emo' thing and being sad about nothing in general...(but that's another topic for another blog, I won't rant here.)

Sorry if it sounded like I was complaining, but people around me have been so negative about everything, it just...I dunno. Ugh.

Thanks for reading if you did.
Posted on April 30th, 2007 at 10:32pm


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