Global Warming

Okay, Global Warming is a point I can talk about for hours on end. Literally.

First thing is, Global Warming is a fact - you can't deny it. The earth is of course, getting warmer. The question is - are we causing it?

Some people, have suggested that, by burning fossil fuels and what not 'greenhouse gases' have been released in to the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases, such as: water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide etc., allow the strong, energised rays of sunlight to pass through yet, trap them upon exit because the earth absorbs some of this energy. This radiation and heat obviously, warms up the earth in what is called 'the greenhouse effect' - I think you can see why. So, burning fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases, so?

Well, because the earth has been warming in recent years and CO2 (considered one of the worst culprits), were increasing until some point in the seventies, when restrictions and reductions were introduced. If the green house effect proves correct, artificial global warming is proved. However, how do you prove it?

Many people. such as the previously mentioned Al Gore arguments have recorded scientific data and presented it in an attempt to prove it. However, some scientist believe this data is flawed, warped and misconstrued. One thing is certain, the ozone layer is not causing global warming, contrary to popular belief. Many scientists, for certain reasons to be explained later, believe global warming is perfectly natural. Also, a great number of scientists, well-educated people and even some rather surprising sources (such as the co-founder of Greenpeace) believe that, artificial global warming, is a media and journalism industry - which, regardless of where you stand, it is. Many people earn millions from the global warming catastrophe.

But, it could be natural. An important point to make is this: the world is still coming out of an Ice Age - shouldn't it be warming up? The earths temperature fluctuations can be drawn on a graph that resembles and oscilloscope; the earth has an Ice Age (resembled by a peak) and then warms up (the trough) Currently, the earth is believed to be somewhere in the middle of this, so, isn't global warming to be expected? Yes, of course, however it can be argued that we are speeding up this process greatly.

The Sun. Couldn't that be our main culprit. The Sun, releases rays of light energy, heat energy, radiation, etc. Often, the amount of energy released by the sun fluctuates. Obviously, as the Sun is the source of heat and energy for the entire solar system, it seems fair enough to assume that, if the Suns rays became stronger or it released more energy, the earth would warm up.

But, no one can fully prove or disprove artificial global warming, no one will until the main causes are identified and agreed on by all who are qualified to make a statement on the cause of global warming. Until then, why not stay on the safe side and cut down on carbon emissions? It won't hurt anyone, will it? Well yes, actually it can. In developing countries, people are only just starting to use the energy resources we take for granted daily. They simply can not afford alternative power. Is it really fair to tell them they aren't allowed to develop? That they have to live in extreme poverty? That their children won't outlive their parents? To deny them education, sanitation, health care - the basics we take for granted? To force them to live in a way you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy? No, of course it isn't. But, what can we do, if artificial global warming is taking place, it's all well and good for places like Britain but Africa; a completely different story. Drought and famine are regular occurrences there and any more heat would certainly prove disastrous. So, what should we do?

Perhaps, the economical giants, the MEDCs (More Economically Developed Countries) should reduce the amount of greenhouse gases and use alternative sources - they can afford it, they're safe. They're developed, the have the money. For them, it can't hurt to be on the safe side. However, in LEDCs (Less Economically Developed Countries), they should be allowed to continue using any fuel sources they like, they need to develop. Yes, when they have developed, they too should cut down but for the time being, it really is unfair to expect them to do so. Also, the media really needs to get a grip. This is not a crisis. It's not even proven. Scaring people may line your pockets but, it can severely cripple others; not just those living in poverty. Many, well-respected scientists have had their reputations completely destroyed because they had evidence to dispute artificial global warming. Just because it suits some politicians and journalists, it does not make it a real problem. Open your eyes. Yes, feel free to save energy - be on the safe side, it's your right. But don't try to force others to do so until it can be proven. People have the right to live comfortably, don't they?
Posted on May 5th, 2007 at 08:35pm


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