Pressure in Schools and Ordinary LIfe

I know this topic has been run into the ground but it's the only thing I know very clearly about. Here it goes.

School, for some it's a place to get free from the grasps of home, for others it's a prison, how about both? Everyone calling because of what happened at school.

My school is terrible, some hate to admit it but deep down it's true, we have no money for the luxuries of vanity, the district has to spend it on paying the k-9 forces and other deputies to pull some students out of class, if your school is like mine, this is for you. For those schools not well off but not exactly the worst in the world.

Keep holding on, that's all the advice there is, because one day in this world you are going to make it, if you keep making the good choices those 'annoying' principals and teachers tell you, and if not, follow your gut. Don't take such big risks thinking you are a rebellious person when in fact you're just plain stupid. Sure, go out, have fun with your friends but that doesn't have to include underage drinking, candy bowls, rainbow parties etc. You are not becoming popular or well known, you're being plain dumb in life. STD's aren't fake and neither are deaths the first time you try alcohol or drugs because they have happened, more then one of my friends have done it and died or had to go into the ER, promising themselves they will never do it again if they survived, and they didn't.

As for the STD's, many of the people close to me suffer from them, having to take AZT or many others for other sicknesses and disorders they have so not to disturb that one certain medicine.

Like I've said before, keep holding on, finding strength in yourself proves you are strong in this life, and if you want to give up, give up go ahead, and see where it gets you then come back to me on that. I applaude all of those who have it much worse and are still happy in life, because happiness is uncommon now, everyone is often rude or uncaring, imagine how much brighter the world would be if just one light shines through.
Posted on May 20th, 2007 at 04:00am


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