gay laws from a atraight point of view.

I find it diffivult to understand how all these laws are being made to hold back gays from everything.I mean-love is love;it shouldn't matter what sex you are as long as you love each other.It's so stupid how everyone tries so hard to keep gays from getting married-it doesn't concern them so why must they take the rights away from these people who,actually,are the same as them?It's rediculous.And the other day I heard on the news how gays are no longer being allowed into the military,even if they wanted to be in it.What does being gay have to do with fighting wars?We're just doing everything we can to stop them from doing anything-and pretty soon they'll have no rights at all,it just isn't fair.

What do YOU think of the way gays are treated&gays in general?Homophobia is gay..
Posted on June 6th, 2007 at 02:24pm


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