Some of The Many Points Never Made In The 3,000 GSB Blogs About Labeling

Labeling is an overused topic on GSB. It's annoying to see ten blogs about how the author is sick of being called "emo", "prep", "goth", etc.... Of course, I've done my fair share of labeling blogs, and have learned a thing or two about posting these blogs. I thought that, as long as the blog trend keeps up, I might as well write some talking points for labeling blogs:
•We all label. Boy and girl are technically labels, no? We use these labels to identify each other, but when it gets to be an offense, that's when you get an eruption of blogs about how you're tired of being called a [insert label here]. You'd be angry, too if someone said "Go cut yourself, stupid emo."
•You can't always ignore labels. They can get to you, especially if even your best friends (like mine), call you "goth" or whatever.
•A lot of us contradict ourselves. I've noticed a lot of fellow MCR fans on INO complain about being called "emo" all the time, but are relentless in their "teenie" bashing. Have you done this?

And if you're going to comment on one of the many GSB blogs about labeling, please do not say the following:
"Ignore all labeling." Read point #2 a little more carefully next time, okay? Okay.
"You're so selfish. Think of the starving children in [insert country here]. Quit complaining, and get a real problem." No one, in all the ten million labeling blogs I have seen, has said that they have it worse than the starving kids in [insert country here]. This is a real problem, especially in middle school/high school years. So we're not starving to death withour a home. Labeling can make people miserable,
and we have no intention of disrespecting anyone.
"Most overused topic ever." It doesn't take a genious to figure that out.
"Will it matter in 20 years?" Maybe not, but it matters now. And it could matter in 20 years, anyway. I repeat, labeling can make people miserable.

Hopefully this blog is helpful in some way. Wink

And one last tip: Please say something that hasn't already been said, in addition to the above.
Posted on June 8th, 2007 at 06:18pm


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