I'm gonna hate myself later

I know it. I'm starting to get a crazy fan-girl type fascination with a certain chemically enhanced and romantically challenged band. This is why I know I'm going to hate myslef later. It's actually been happening for a while, but still I know that its just a teenie obsession. I'm curious as to them (in geneal: personalities, concerts, info, etc.) but I still love their music. Unknowingly since Bullets came out I've liked them, but I guess I just never accepted it. I've only told one person about this but I know I'll never "get over it" until I get it off my chest by writing about it.

I've liked the lead singer before, because of his eyes (the mystery behind them fascinates me, plus they have a beautiful colour to them) and because of his voice. Now I've actually started to really listen to their music. It has things in the lyrics that I can relate to, and I'm fascinated as to know the story behind the words and figure out the true meaning of the song. I'm beginning to realize that no matter how deeply my fandom is hidden, I'll never really get over it. and I know now that I'm going to hate myself later for writing about this, but I know I'll be feeling better because I did. I'm admitting it, I'm a fan. Not a huge fan, but I am a fan.

Posted on June 13th, 2007 at 03:18pm


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