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Tell me, what does Zaros appear like? His entire face was covered with a scarf of sand, but his hair was long and RS gold straight. It was black. He also had eyes of purple too, and many believed that this was the reason why he was fond of the color purple so much. The robe he was wearing was similar to the scarf, but it covered his entire body, apart from his arms. Nobody knows his hair, skin or eye color. This is what we know about the gathering.

{Dialogue in Dialogue inwill be what Azzanadra speaks until you get to the meeting. In the Meeting, you will find 5 NPCs: Azzanadra Bright Light, Bright Light Hard Rock, Thick jungle, and High Cloud. The four gods are typically inanimate objects. In alphabetical order, Saradomin, Bandos, Guthix and Armadyl. You must pick one of them and they'll provide you with an item to use however, you must first demonstrate your faith and skill.

Ability is easy, to achieve it, you must have a god's weapon's skill. Saradomin requires 99 hp; Bandos 99 strength; Guthix 99 defence and Armadyl 99 attack. Faith is more challenging. To demonstrate your faith, you will have to answer a series of questions correctly. A god's faith test can only be completed once per week. If you have an engraved ring of Charos (a) it is possible to repeat the test within 24 hours. This means that if you give an incorrect answer, you will have to wait for one week before you are able to try again to pass the test. There are four chances every week.

The only thing you have to do is answer the question using the best moral choice. If you do, god's weapon will fall in the direction of your feet and you'll be able to pick it up. The skill requirement is the amount of experience xp you have. The combat interface screen does not allow for any modifications in the style of attack However, there are faith bar. The bar gets filled every time you lose hitpoints, prayer points or damage Zamorak. If the bar is filled and you are able to summon the power of that god and deal a massive double damage with a very intricate animation.

When the weapon of your choice god falls from the sky You will be asked if you would like to go to Zamorak. there are three options The first two options are clear, no and yes. The third option is to open your bank. Your chosen god can open your bank for you, and also withdraw money for you to utilize. When you're ready, contact Azzanadra and the cheap RuneScape gold god of your choice. You'll get the same prompt.
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