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My guild in 2004 was re-rolled to Alliance as Paladins were more powerful than Shaman, and because we were part of Burning Crusade Classic Gold a PvE raiding guild. It was also difficult to get good recuits because there were fewer players playing on the horde side during the time of launch, by a significant margin. The reason was nothing to do with racial skills for PvE.

I don't believe that vanilla racials are the sole reason why players select their FACTION. It wasn't the same story I had in the past. Even our Rank 1 player I played with for a time just chose Tauren because the thought that they were cool.

No one said entirely the truth, but it's definitely not an accident that the factions were formed but ended up being the way they were...easily explained earlier. It's not like everyone wants to have fun with their friends. That's absurd.

There was one dominant EU Horde guild, but when you look at the list of bosses killed first in vanilla, it's something like... 7 Horde vs. 40 alliance first world-first kills. As someone who was in a world-first pushing guild there was no way to even come close. While great players can still be successful in vanilla horde, it was much more easy to become an alliance player before.

Vanilla people had no idea about anything, at least at the beginning. Are you sure that most people in vanilla simply went along with their racial choices? That's ridiculous.

People who were part of bleeding edge PvE raid groups or PvPers and wanted any advantage they could would achieve this, however that was only about 0.1 percent of the player base.

This didn't really matter to anyone else. It might have seemed like more if you actually were in this small group.

You can ask yourself which WoW vanilla player would you prefer? The hot night elf with a sexy look or the ugly orc? If you remember the exact location where the Bloodelves were put to balance it all, the answer is obvious.

The 2005 servers seemed to be about 60/40 Alliance. Why? I believe the reason is that the player base back then was more innocent and casual (aka were more interested in the fantasy of characters than analyzing meta-games for pvp). People preferred alliance due to it being more relatable to them and they wanted heroes like the ones in Lord of the Rings. Being a zombie or monster "bad guy" was more of an option. But I do remember will of the buy WOW TBC Gold forsaken being a big deal, and the horde was more focused on pvp. It wasn't a big deal. People knew horde had overall better pvp abilities, but it didn't really matter.
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