How to Rank Your Brand on Instagram's Explore Page

According to statistics released by Instagram in January 2019, it now boasts more than one billion active users and is one of the top social media platforms. It is important for marketers to take Instagram into consideration when developing their marketing strategies. There are more than 30 million businesses on Instagram, and 65% of people say they have learned about a product or service through Instagram.

Although the platform is extremely popular, it does present a challenge for brands that want to stand out and catch people's attention. A new opportunity has emerged for you to reach a new audience rapidly - Instagram's Explore Page. The following article will walk you through what the Explore Page is and six ways you can use it to be featured on the page.

The Explore page of Instagram is constantly updated and modified. There are now IGTV shortcuts and Shopping shortcuts available on the Explore Page, as well as the ability to browse posts and Stories easily by topic. Using a user's estimated preferences, as previously mentioned, this page is customized to the user's interests based on past biographical information. My Explore Page, for instance, has an unusual number of posts related to cute cats.

Add hashtags
Each post can contain up to 30 hashtags. Your posts can be categorized by hashtags in order to help users find them. Let's say I was looking for dinner recipes. Searching for "#dinnerrecipe" would bring up some of the most popular posts which are related to this.
If you do not tag it, the viewer will not see it.

Mentions or brands
Using tags significantly increases engagement, especially when you know the right people who you can tag. Your post is more likely to be shared and interacted with when people are tagged in it. You may want to consider creating partnerships with other companies or influencers -- tagging them in your posts, and they, in turn, tagging you in the posts of others will allow you both to get exposure to new audiences. The more brand reps or Instagram influencers you are able to find and partner with, the more traffic and engagement you will likely drive to your Instagram posts.

Monitor viral trends
Consider adding your own humorous or amusing take on something that's trending and is relevant to your brand to your posts. This will help increase your exposure. There is nothing better than a good meme.

Incorporate calls-to-action.
This increases the chances that users will interact with the site. Your content might be incentivized to drive more engagement by, for example, writing "tag a friend who needs this" or "tell us in the comments what you think.". It isn't necessary to always use emojis when you are communicating. To encourage people to interact with your content, you may instead consider using other strategies such as asking a question and inviting them to respond in the comments or saying something like, "Like if..." to further encourage responses.

Do Not Repost
Reposting your original content will put you at a disadvantage in the algorithm. Instead, you can identify what style of content your competitors post, then create such content with a mix of your own style and buy auto likes on Instagram to gain more engagement for the content hence making it go viral.

Use video or motion for still content.
In addition to using boomerangs, motion filters, and animation, you may use other techniques to enhance your pictures, but the main focus should remain video content. There is no doubt that videos and pictures with the movement have a higher likelihood of capturing a user's attention for an extended period of time, and that's why we saw that they tend to rank highly in the algorithm.

Instagram's Explore Page provides a unique and exciting way for brands to get their products noticed. When you understand the inside of the algorithm, you will be able to produce high-quality content that can reach your target audience and attain maximum exposure.
Posted on August 13th, 2021 at 04:41am

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