Old School RuneScape's Most Fast 99 Guide

Today, we will discuss the most efficient skills to achieve 99 in Old School RuneScape. This guide will teach you the skills that are fastest to get to 99, by analyzing their time spent. There is also cheap OSRS gold available gamers who wish to save time and get to 99s fast and quickly.

This guide will show you which skills are the fastest between levels 1 to 99. This is determined by how long it takes to finish the task, not the time spent. That means this won't be including items such as farming or Birdhouse runs since they take months to reach 99.

If you've ever wondered about the best fruit and trees trees you can plant by running two tree runs, and one fruit tree run each day, it's more than 167 days of farm run to progress from level 15 to level 99 farming. It is possible to speed up by things such as Calquat trees, Hardwood Trees, and Herb runs. It could take between 130 and 140 farms runs.

We'll be moving from the fastest to slowest. Additionally, I will only include feasible methods that don't require players to pay a large amount of RuneScape 2007 Gold.

Fastest 99s

1. Fletching

The fastest skill is Fletching YouTuber EVscape currently holds the fastest recorded record of three hours and nine mins to 99 levels, which is averaging 4M XP/H.

Fletching darts are a fast and efficient way to level up due to the low return on investment and the low XP cut bows. Jagex allows you to make use of mouse keys to create Dragon darts. You can earn up to 9M XP/H.

Fastest Way to 99

Beginning with Bronze Arrows, and then progressing to Bronze through to Dragon darts. You can get to level 99 at a cost of 120M OSRS gold.

Fletching Mithril darts can help you save lots of old school RuneScape gold. You could also try your hand at javelins or fletching bolts. These can sometimes make a huge profit but give massive XP rates.

Mithril Darts

7 hours to 99

- Total cost for the entire year: 51M OSRS Gold

For those who are not ready to invest that amount of money on fletching, you can make bows and getting from 1 to 99 doing the most effective shortbows and longbows you can. It takes about 80 hours to get to 99 Fletching.

Short and long bows (Cut and String)

80 Hours to 99

2. Prayer

The second fastest 99 in the game is Prayer, and offering bones at an altar with a Lit gold-gilded altar or Chaos altar, by placing each bone placed on the altar, you will be able to earn massive XP rates.

Normal AFK offering bones offers around half the XP rates when as compared to pressing each bone onto it.

Fastest way to 99: Dagannoth bones are the fastest route to 99 prayer. When you have reached level 70, the superior dragon bones can be unlocked. Manual clicking is the fastest method of getting to 99 in just 10 hours.

Dagannoth Bones (levels 1-70) + Superior Dragon Bones (Levels 70-99)

- From 99 to 10 hours

- 210M OSRS gold

Wyrm Bones can be quite affordable and yet quite speedy. Doing Hydra bones up to 99 takes about the same amount of time as Dagannoth as well as Superior Bones. The cost of all of these is based on the assumption that you're using an altar that is Gilded altar. Therefore, if you were to perform this at the Wilderness Chaos Altar, the cost would be half, according to how often you die.

Clicking on each bone at Wilderness Altar will save you time and reduce the chance of. However, with banking being a much further distance, the rates of XP are lower.

Ensouled Heads is a cheaper method to boost the level of your prayers. With the 93 Magic it is also possible to use Reanimate Dragon Heads. If you were to hypothetically move from level 1 to level 99 with this spell with a cannonit would take around 33 hours and a much lower cost of 63M rsgp.

Heads of the Ensouled Dragon

33 Hours to 99

Up to 430K XP/H

- Cost: $63M OSRS gold

It's an extremely demanding requirement to possess 93 Magic. Therefore, a less expensive one is Troll Heads at level 46 Magic. Reaching level 99 costs about 32 million rsgp. it takes around 65 hours to get to 99.

Ensouled Troll Heads

- 65 Hours to 99

Cost: 32M RSP

3. Construction

Another fast skill is Construction which is another one in which you have to blow lots of OSRS gold to make it more effective.

Fastest route to 99: Making crude wooden chairs (levels 1-19) and Oak chairs (levels 19-33) takes around 1 hour. Making Larders from Oak takes an additional hour to go from level 33 up to 52.

From level 52, making Mahogany Tables takes 22 hours to get to 99, and it could take somewhat based on your internet speed and focus as well as how precise you are with your game ticks.

The duration can be speeded up by making Gnome Benches at level 77. At this level, you'll get an additional +1 million XP/H. It takes 19 hours to reach 99. But the intensity of the click and focus is extremely high. Even though it's extremely fast but it is expensive at 182M OSRS GP.

Gnome Benches

- 1M XP/H

Cost 182M OSRS gold

- Speedier Method

Oak Dungeon doors are the best option for players who wish to save money on RuneScape Gold.

You can create Oak Larders from level 33 through level 74. From level 74 until 99 at which point you can to build Dungeon Doors. It takes 38-40 hours and will cost 84M RS.

4. 4.

The second fastest 99 is Cooking. Making wine jugs up to level 99 will take just 22 hours, with a small cost of 20M OSRS gold.

Jugs of Wine

- Levels 38-99

From 22 hours until 99

Cost: 20M OSRS gold

You'll stop creating bad wines when you reach level 68. It is recommended that you cook Lobsters and Tuna until you reach level 68 before moving into wines until 99. This will take about 27 hours but cost only 10 million RuneScape gold.

Jugs of Wine

- Levels 68-99

- 27 hours

- 10M OSRS gold

1 ticking Karambwans is the fastest method to achieve 99. It's also a highly profitable method and you could earn 1M XP/H. It takes about 16 hours to achieve 99 if you're focused.

5. 5.

Firemaking is one of the easiest 99 because of its capacity to make a profit, being easy to do and having little requirements.

If you wanted to play normal-light Maple logs up to 50 levels It will take just 35 minutes. Between 50 and 99, playing the Wintertodt takes between 55 and 65 hours, depending on the way you use the Wintertodt.

The best way to get a kick is not to do it. way to get maximum XP. You'll have to pay greater focus, as if you want to earn 500 points per game, you want to watch the brazier for the extra points that need to be repaired and relighting. It is possible to earn 6M-10M based on the way you do with drops. This is a good deal for 99 bucks.

Some players would argue that the Wintertodt is not the most efficient method, and the best way to hit 99 is to use light logs instead. With a price of 23M OSRS gold, you can use Maple, Yew, Magic and Redwood logs up to 99 in only 35 hours which is almost 50% of the time as the Wintertodt.

For instance, at level 90 Firemaking lighting Redwood logs will grant the user 400K XP/H. The Wintertodt can only provide a maximum 300K XP/H.

Four More Skills

Below are 4 skills that have a similar time of progression from level 1 up to 99. Although they are slower than 99 Fletching's three hours however, their 99s are swift.

1. Crafting

If you've got enough OSRS gold, crafting can be extremely fast. Doing gems then Battlestaves up to 99 will take about 38 hours. Gems, then Dragonhide Bodies will take 35 hours. In contrast, Glassblowing takes 108 hours and comes at much, much less expensive cost of 25M Rsgp.


38 hours

- Price 80M OSRS Gold

D'hide bodies

35 hours

- Cost: 157M OSRS gold


34 hours

Cost 160M OSRS gold


- 108 Hours

- Price: 25M gold OSRS

2. 2. Magic

Next is Magic which is possible by passive means such as Magic Imbue, Slayer and Teleports. However, enchanting Bolts is the fastest way to do it. You can get from level 1 to 70 in less than 3 hours. It takes you 38 hours to obtain the Enchanting Dragonstone Bolts to levels 99, which isn't that expensive.

Barrage in the Monkey Madness 2 Caves to climb to 99 more quickly. However this has the same set of conditions.

3. Herblore

Herblore can be completed super fast if you are willing to invest a little bit of OSRS gold. The fastest Herblore method that is currently available could bring in more than the 650K XP/H.

With Anti-venoms (unlocked at 87 Herblore), it will take approximately 25 hours to get to 99. However, the level of clicking is much higher than the intensity of cooking 1 tick.

It takes just 36 hours to create the fastest potion that you could get before Saradomin Brews and then they'll be 99 in just 36 hours. This is using 150M RuneScape Gold.

Another option is Ranging Potions. Although it takes longer, it is half as costly. Although they take a bit longer to make Super combat potions (unlocked at the level 90 Herblore) are well worth the waiting.

Potions for Range

44 Hours starting at 1.99

- Cost 83M OSRS gold

Potions for combat that are extremely effective

- 3 rsgp/XP

300K XP/H

4. Smithing

Smithing is the last skill. The fastest method - Blast Furnace's gold Bars can be unlocked at level 40, players have the ability to earn over 350K XP/H beginning at a low level. That makes 99 only 37 hours from level 1. This is a much less expense than many of the abilities discussed in this article.

Making Gold Bars in the Blast Furnace (unlocked level 40 Smithing)

- From 37 hours to 99

- 350K XP/H

- Price: 60M gold OSRS
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