Tips for 2048 Cupcakes - How to Play Unblocked Online?

The 2048 cupcake consists of a 4*4 grid. It can have a max of sixteen cupcakes. The game is over when the grid is filled with cupcakes. You can move the cupcakes by making moves on the grid. The two cupcakes are promoted to a higher cupcake if they’re similar. You have to press the arrow key, or have to swipe on your mobile screen for it. You can use also the arrow keys to swipe the cupcakes. You can swipe similar cupcakes to promote them to a higher level. If you’re using a mobile phone, you can swipe the cupcakes together to promote them to a higher level. Then they’ll be promoted to a cupcake of double value.

After every move you take, a new cupcake is generated. You have to achieve a cupcake of value 2048. For this, you have to merge cupcakes until you reach the cupcake value of 2048. During this process, you have to make sure that you do not reach the limit of cupcakes in the grid. The grid should not be filled with cupcakes until you reach the cupcake of 2048 value. There are no time limits in this game. So you can think as much as you want to. You can take plenty of time for figuring out your strategy to win the game. This is the way you should play unblocked online. This article also presents you with some tips for playing 2048 cupcakes. If you are student and you need more time to play this game, you can get your assignment done from the assignment writing service at The Academic Papers UK.

Scoring rules
This is the most important tip for playing 2048. Each cupcake has a value associated with it. It is basically the number of calories that each cupcake has. Your cupcakes’ values are added when you swipe two similar cupcakes together. For example, if you merge two pink bubble-gum cupcakes, you will have 500 Kcal added to your score. Experts say that you can seek help from a dissertation editing service for academic papers for your thesis. This way you’ll have more time to practice this game. If you want to win 2048 every time you play it, these tips will help you a lot. You should follow the tips given below for this. Through ensuring of these tips, you will be able to ace the game 2048 cupcakes.

Know all the cupcakes in the game
Collect the information about all the cupcakes in the game. You should know about all the types of cupcakes. This is because it will help you in making fewer errors. You will be able to play in a better way if you have knowledge about cupcakes. You can also play some trial games to remember the values of cupcakes.

Pick a direction you will never move your cupcakes in
Another important tip is to select a direction you will not move your cupcake in. It is the most important tip if you want to ace the 2048 cupcake game. It will help you in making a pattern on the grid. This will also help you concentrate more on the game. Select the direction towards you if you don’t want to move your cupcakes. In this way, your all attention will be concentrated in the opposite direction. It will help you concentrate on a single side of the grid as well. In other words, it will enhance your attention towards the game as well. New cups will not be generated on the side where you’re making your pattern.

Build a pattern on one side
In the previous tip, you have selected the side towards which you will not make a move. In this tip, you will build a pattern on the opposite side. But you have to follow some steps to do so. Make the highest-numbered cupcake in the corner of the grid. Now you should build the cupcakes in descending order from the corner that you’ve chosen. This way you’ll be able to ace this game. It will also help you in adding more cupcakes, and scoring a high value. If you want to win this game, you can make use of strategies and other tips as well.

On the whole, 2048 is an easy game. It only becomes hard when you go on playing without paying attention to its mechanics. You cannot just play this game randomly, and win at the same time. You have to use strategies and tips to ace this game every time you play it.
Posted on December 28th, 2021 at 11:13pm


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