Here's where to find the Fallingstar Beast Jaw in Elden Ring

The Fallingstar Beast Jaw is a claw-shaped Colossal Weapon in Elden Ring that deals striking and piercing damage to enemies. However, the main appeal of this armament will be its unique skill, Gravity Bolt. When activated, Gravity Bolt will summon a thunderbolt empowered by Gravity Sorcery to come crashing down on a single target. Moreover, this skill can be cast in quick succession, allowing its wielder to "spam-cheese" enemies in Elden Ring, making Gravity Bolt extremely effective for ranged combat at a safe distance.

As a Colossal Tier Weapon, the Fallingstar Beast Jaw has Damage Types of Strike and Pierce and weighs 21.5 units. To wield it, the character must have a Strength of 34, Dexterity of 12 and Intelligence of 12. To get your hands on this massive weapon, you will need to kill a Full-grown Fallingstar Beast.

Where to find the Fallingstar Beast Jaw in Elden Ring
You will need access to the Mt. Gelnir region, located northwest of the Altus Plateau. As you make your way through the region, you will need to take care — Grafted Scions, Leyndell Knights, and more roam the landscape. Head to the Ninth Mt. Gelnir Campsite located on the map below to prepare for the boss ahead.

The elevated sunken hole serves as the lair of a Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast, the boss that must be defeated to obtain the powerful Colossal Weapon. Those who've previously faced the two Fallingstar Beasts of Sellia Crystal Tunnel or near the Outer Walls of Leyndell will have a practical understanding of how to beat the Full-Grown variant. Nonetheless, keep in mind that this Field Boss is much stronger than its other counterparts and can quickly decimate any unprepared traveler entering its burrow.

The Fallingstar Beast has many attacks that are quick and not well telegraphed in advance — the best times to get strikes in are after it uses its Gravity Well attack, after it tries to grab you, and after it curls up into a ball and tries to smash you. This fight is significantly easier on Torrent, as you can simply dash in during one of its cooldown periods, get one or two attacks in, and dash away to wait for the next opportunity.

Once you’ve killed the Full-grown Fallingstar Beast, you will become the proud owner of a Colossal Tier Weapon.

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