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#3Pos: CBHt: 5112Wt: 182DOB: 9/15/1998Hometown: Palm Beach Gardens, FLHigh School: DwyerStrong instincts in zone coverage and willing tackler but lackluster ball skills and struggles to click and close in off coverage because of poor technique with his hips, feet and stance.Cedrick Dort Jr. has strong instincts for recognizing route combinations in zone coverage. Often playing in bail-Cover Three with his back to the sideline, Dort proce ses formations with multiple receivers to his side nicely. Dort reads smash concepts quickly, recognizing when the #1 wide receiver to his side drops his route off underneath and the #2 wide receiver to his side makes a break to the sideline - in Dorts deep third, he is aware of both threats and chooses to cover the proper one. Dort regularly reads high-low concepts built to put Tyler Clippard Jersey him in a conflict of a signment and when his hips are square to the line of scrimmage, he has a solid trigger to get downhill to make a tackle. Dort is willing as a tackler and plays with a solid level of physicality for a cornerback - he Alex Bregman Jersey will wrap up low and drive through contact.Dort primarily plays off-coverage but he does not po se s a fluid backpedal, instead he distributes his weight on his heels and has clunky footwork as a result. Furthermore, Dort doesnt seem to trust his deep speed as he opens up his hips to turn and run far too early in the rep, leaving himself vulnerable to underneath routes. With his hips flipped to gain inside leverage, Dort simply cannot change his momentum quickly enough to click and close versus outs, comebacks or curls, often leaving around five yards of separation at the break. Additionally, due to Dorts shorter height, he doesnt regularly get into a low stance because he is already lower than receivers. Since he is standing straight up more often than not, his change of direction is slightly sluggish and he gives up separation on in-breaking routes as well. When Dort is finally in position at the catch point, he panics when the ball is in the air and gets grabby. Dort turns his head around to look for the ball but never finds it, making contact with the receiver before the ball gets there and causing a Justin Verlander Jersey penalty.Scroll to ContinueDort has zone coverage instincts which are difficult to teach and he is a willing and physical tackler but due to hiccups in his technique Dort gives up too much separation. Being patient in opening up his hips and playing in a lower stance should go a long way for improving Dorts movement skills. He should be viewed as a developmental prospect who needs to be coached up on the details of cornerback play and could eventually turn into a decent backup.Cedrick Dort Jr. attended Dwyer High School in Florida where as a senior, he was named first-team All-Area by the Palm Beach Post and first-team All-County by the Sun Sentinel after tallying 40 tackles, 14 pa s breakups and six interceptions. Dort only played two years of high school football and was Marwin Gonzalez Jersey a three-year letter winner in basketball. After high school, 247Sports ranked him as a 3-Star recruit, the 1481st-best recruit nationally, the 147th ranked cornerback recruit in the country and the 215th recruit in the state of Texas.Dort graduated a semester early from high school and committed to Kentucky over Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, Minnesota, Colorado and USF. As a freshman in 2017, he played in nine games and made six tackles. In 2018, he redshirted his sophomore year and in 2019, Dort J.R. Richard Jersey started 12 games while tallying 16 tackles, five pa s breakups and being named honorable mention cornerback (PFF) for not allowing a single touchdown. In 2020, Dort took a step back, playing in 10 games but only starting one and tallying 10 tackles and two pa s break ups. In 2021, through seven starts, Dort has 16 tackles and zero pa s break ups or interceptions.Dort has always prioritized his schooling - he graduated in December of 2020 with a degree in community and leadership development, plus hes working on a second degree in communication.7th Round
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