My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance is the best band I have ever listened to. Gerard Way has a stage presence similar to Freddie Mercury. Ray Toro is possibly Brian May's fraternal twin. The Black Parade has songs that would make Pink Floyd proud. But they're so unique in every way. They save lives, and inspire people each day, and the fact that Gerard Way was saved by the band shows their dedication to their music. Words can not explain how much I love the guys.

Just 3 years after they began, they were setting crowds ablaze. Now Gerard Way has the ability to get 10 year olds screaming with one hand motion. Nothing ever gets to his head, though. He doesn't live in a huge mansion. He lives a normal life with one exception: he is beloved by music fans everywhere. Most My Chemical Romance fans have had their lives changed in some way by one band. That's why MCR fans are so great--they are all united together, fighting the good fight, saving lives. And that also explains why there are so many blogs dedicated to My Chemical Romance on this website. Love for My Chem is just unstoppable.

Listen here, 'cause this is who we are.


The piano clinks slowly.
Each "plink" of the keys drops through your body.
It makes you feel strong, like your life is soaring through the music.
But that's just the start.
A voice comes in. Soft, but with a quality that seems more strong.
Your heart seems to embrace the lyrics, as if they were written specially for you.
And it's Gerard Way's gift to the world:
redemption, love, fear, a few lyrics.
But then, like a strong, soaring bird, the guitar jumps in.
Music still soaring.
And it rocks your heart, your mind.
Emotion, expressed through sweeping guitar.
The same lyrics come through, but stronger. The same lyrics, but a new emotion:
Hope. The hope no one ever gave you.
But the guitar slows down, and for a moment you think hope was a passing dream.
But no. The drums start beating, pounding inside your soul. New hope.
The guitar is back, compelling you to stand up and shout. Shout for life reborn.
Gee's voice is back, full of more strength and hope than ever.
And the lyrics mean more to you than anything Gandhi ever said.
And this is your life, being lived to the fullest.
Because you'll carry on.
And the music changes again. Listen here, 'cause this is who you are.
All you ever wanted. And you had to wait for a song.
The music winds down.
Drums beating.
Boom. The song is over.
Life is not.
Posted on July 6th, 2007 at 08:10pm


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