Many marriages are frowned upon in these years. Not only gay marriages, but a black person marrying a white person (although that lightened up a great amount), a Jewish person marrying a Christian, the list goes on and on.
Not many people realize that love is love. People who love each other, don't judge each other by how they act, or look.
They love each other, and that should be all that matters.

This blog came to my mind, when I overheard my aunt and mom talking about someone my mom knows that her son, is marrying a Jewish woman.
Mom explained to my aunt that her friend was very shocked, and worried about many things. She also said that she would of acted the same way about my older brother, or myself.
I did not understand why they were worried.
The only thing that came to my mind, was that the two people loved each other. Not that they were different in religion, or in beliefs.
Soon I walked into the room and asked why they felt that way. They said that it was weird, and that they didn't believe in the Virgin Mary, or Jesus. I knew that, but what about that the couple loved each other.

Also many people have a problem with gay marriages. They are people. Yes, they have different beliefs. So what?
It is unusual that people criticize a "regular" marriage.
Yet to a lot of people it is a 'must do' to criticize a gay marriage.
Many may not know that Dick Cheney, Vice President of the US, his daughter is a lesbian. Yet, Cheney is against gay marriages.
Gay people, are human. Who they love is their choice.
That goes with anyone.

I leave you with this, why does it matter, to some people, what type of person another person marries.
Does love not matter in marriage anymore?
Posted on July 18th, 2007 at 03:12am


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