School and the way it works.

Girls. What you consider one. I consider a girl a two-faced girl, who enjoys bitching about others. Not all girls are like that though but unfortunately the girls in my year are like that.

GIRLS-There are a group of girls at my school who think they're really good. They get all the boys attention(not saying I wnat boys attention) and they look really pretty. They bitch about my friends and I. You know how I know because they stand there in the group staring at us, their hands over their mouths talking. They make me want to be pretty, they make me feel as though I HAVE to be pretty, that I have to be skinny. I admit I am not the skinniest girl which is a bit indimidating because the girls in my year at school are skinny. The girls have beautiful skin which makes me feel ugly and bad about myself. Some days I don't want to go to school cause I don't wanna stand next tot he pretty girl and see people judge me for either been: unpretty, fat or just weird. I have been teased in the past for having pimples and it made me feel really bad. I felt isolated and that I had no friends, even my ex-boyfriend teased me!! I'm sick of been yelled at, judged and stero-typed. I just want to be known for the girl who may not be the prettiest but still has a right to be treated equally.
Posted on July 21st, 2007 at 05:40am


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